Who am I?

Hey there, I'm Marie-Pier (but let's call me Marie)!

I'm currently studying computer science at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). I've started those studies with an informatics certificate but knew that there were many more things to learn so I then committed to doing a bachelor's degree.

Before going to university, I got a college degree (DEC) in graphic design but it turned out the part that I liked the most about it was being at a computer and coding. (I had previously discovered it in high school.) That is why I have turned to computer science.

I'm a multipotentialite. I have many interests and I'm always ready to try new things.

For example, I have joined multiple groups at university. I am a member of the CLibre, a group that promotes free software. I am also president of Association Générale des Étudiantes et Étudiants en Informatique (AGEEI), an association that watches over Informatics students' well-being. Finally, I also am the vice-chair of our ACM-WS Chapter at UQAM, a chapter promoting women in technologies.

Plus, I have multiple interests in informatics, I have participated in a few Informatics competitions like CS Games 2017, a computer science competition, Hackfest 2016 and NorthSec 2017, both security competitions and I have also participated to UQAM GameJam 2017 a video game-making competition.

Out of tech, I am also passionate about food, cooking and books. I am also a bit of a crafty person, that is probably why the graphic design student part of me brings out sewing and knitting sometimes.

Why the blog?

As far as I remember, I have always wanted to write a blog. In the beginning, I did not want to build it alone and I had a different blog subject. But then has time passed, I realized that if I really wanted to do it, I had to do it alone. I have turned the idea around and around because I was not sure if it was a good idea and finally The tech wanderer was born!

This blog is meant to put myself out there, let you learn what I have learned and discover new things. Because you know, I love discovering new things!