How to make your Instagram photos pop?

Recently, I have been complimented on my Instagram photos and people asked me to give them tips. I have to say that there is not one way to create nice pictures, but here is mine and it seems to be working for me! Just remember to be inspired, have fun and find the formula that is fitting you and be consistent in your style.


You might ask yourself: what is composition? Well, composition is, in fact, the art of organizing your picture's elements. It is all about playing with your props. For example, you could decide to put only one element in the middle of your photo and that is it or maybe you would add small objects all around the main element to create a symmetrical image.

Even if composition is all about playing, there are few great principles. One of them is the rule of thirds and it is quite simple to use it with Instagram or your cellphone's camera. Normally, when you edit your image on Instagram, you can already see those nine little squares. If you want it to appear on your cellphone, go to your camera's settings and enable the grid option.

This principle divides your photo into nine squares, two horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. Those lines and intersections are to be remembered. They allow you to create different eye-catching compositions. You just have to select an intersection or a line to follow and your Instagram image is ready to go!

If I don't create symmetrical images, I often use the rule of thirds to balance my image composition. For instance, I like to play with 1 third of something and 2 thirds of something else. Let's see this image below... There's one third of grass and 2 thirds of the sky.

Seriously, composition might be one of the most difficult things to get right, but once you get it, it is hard to let it go! My tips to you, just try over and over again.


The second thing that is really important with photography is getting the right lighting and one in particular. That would be daylight!

Nothing is better for your Instagram photos to show some natural light. It is yours to decide when daylight is at his best in your home or apartment because you know, it depends on the orientation of your windows and the position of the sun.

Something that is really helpful with the light is having some bright and light-colored background, those reflect much more light than dark colors. I don't do this personally at the moment, but I have seen tips where people buy cardboard and use them as background maybe you should give it a try if your table or floor is dark.

I don't know for you, but I find it difficult to like a picture when there's a lot of shading in it. Let's face it, light makes us happy and allows us to see those nice details! This tip is kind of easy to achieve in comparison to the composition tip. So give it a try!

Colors and textures

Another thing to play with is the balance between colors and textures. You have got to match them! You might want to put little of one color or maybe a lot of mix and match and that's OK. The only thing to remember is where do you want the focus to be?

There should be a contrast between elements because you know you don't want your main element to disappear into everything. For me, if I am shooting objects, I find it easier to choose a smooth bright background and add my elements in front of it with every sparkle it has. This means that I don't use a background color similar to the objects. For example, look at this matcha latte. The background gently smooths with the matcha latte but still, the matcha is at the center of your attention with his bright green color and the outline of the glass.

Let's remember that even if I want my object to pop out of the background, I also want the background to match the feeling or theme of the picture.

Filters and modifications

And the killer question! Do you modify and add filters to your photo? Indeed I do, I only use Instagram's features but yes! Most of the time, I don't apply modifications, I only reposition my image and add a simple but elegant filter.

I think that it is OK to add filters, but you have to choose some that are classy, not too flashy otherwise, it's not really natural. If you would like to know, I mostly use gingham filter. It's my favorite!

Also, adding filters kind of give a style to your picture. Be sure to only select two or three filters that you are going to use all the time. People who like your Instagram profile will be more likely to comeback or follow you if your gallery style is consistent. And note that this does not only apply to filters!


Now, if you would like to get a nice Instagram gallery, I recommend you to get inspired! Yes, open your Instagram, find pictures that you would like to have in your own gallery and analyze the composition, textures, colors and filters that you see. Try to apply some of those things to your own pictures and after few tries, I am sure you will get it! But remember this, you don't have to do everything like everyone because innovation is not about being like everyone. Don't be afraid to try new things and get experience.


I hope that this article will help you! Because who does not want to get more likes on their pictures? I would love to see your progress on Instagram so feel free to show me your before and after images.